Driftwood Historical Conservation Society

The Driftwood Historical Conservation Society was formed to conserve the Driftwood, Texas William B. Travis Legacy Trail.

Contact us with comments or suggestions: driftwoodhcs@yahoo.com


Membership meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 6 pm in the Driftwood Community Center. 

Please join us on April 10!

Area Maps

Driftwood Core Area and Roads

 The Driftwood Core Area map is largely a combination of the Driftwood zip code and a proposed Appellation.

Driftwood Area of Influence

 The Driftwood Area of Influence map is largely delineated by the contributory zone of Onion Creek until it reaches the southeastern Hays County line. 

About Us

The location, natural beauty and  character of Hays County have resulted in a significant increase in the  population of Hays County, and this growth is projected to continue. We  welcome new residents of Hays County, and we must accommodate this  population increase. However, improvements made to date have eliminated  features and sites that formed and were the character of Hays County.  This character of Hays County is not only our history but also our  future. The beauty of Hays County has served to create a thriving wine  industry, bed and breakfast/resorts, restaurants and active  heritage-tourism trade that appreciates Hays County as it exists today.  The nature of Hays County may change, but segments must be preserved out  of respect for our past, the heritage-tourism economic engine of today,  and the benefit of future generations. 

Adopt-a-Highway Program

DHCS has adopted a two-mile stretch of FM 150. Cleanup events are every quarter. The last FM 150 cleanup on Saturday, January 20 was a success with over 16 bags collected--thanks to all who participated! Our next cleanup effort will be in April.

Participants are asked to review the TxDOT safety information at http://www.txdot.gov/inside-txdot/get-involved/volunteer/adopt-a-highway/safety-tips.html. 

Membership Levels (Annual Dues)

The Cicero Rufus Perry Rangers -- $25

The Ben Milam Colonists -- $50

The Thomas Martin Postmasters -- $100

The William J. Cannon Boosters -- $250

The Widow Freelove Woody Grantees -- $500

The Col. William B. Travis Heroes -- $1,000

You may mail us your annual dues or bring them to the meeting. Or pay by PayPal!

Contact Us

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Driftwood Historical Conservation Society

PO Box 314, Driftwood, TX 78619