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Membership meetings are the second Tuesday each month, 6 pm in the Driftwood Community Center.   Please join us May 14!

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Current Projects


Capital Campaign

We are in the process of kicking off a Capital Campaign to fund engagement with Overland Partners Consulting  firm to create a Community Plan. Through an extensive community  planning process we will develop a compelling Driftwood Vision that our  community, developers, businesses and future residents can  enthusiastically support!  Please consider making a tax-exempt donation  today to the DHCS (a 501-c-3 organization) for this exciting community  planning project. Visit our GoFundMe page.  

More on the the Master Plan/Visioning Committee

Natural Area

On Wednesday, March 27, a large group of Dripping Springs High School students conducted a service project at our Natural Area.  They assisted with installation of freestanding rainwater systems  (donated by Plateau Land & Wildlife) as well as other necessary  weeding and cleanup activities. Master Naturalists also provided support.

more information on the committee

Designate FM 150 West as The William B. Travis Trail

On March 27, a group of DHCS members testified before the Senate Transportation Committee in support of this effort. See the FM 150 Petition page for details.

In 1835 William B. Travis purchased a league of land from the Mexican Government. Travis was granted this purchase under Empresario Benjamin Rush “Ben” Milam’s effort to colonize central Texas land which included that which is now identified as being in Hays County. FM 150 West dissects this (4,428 acres) league of land approximately one mile south of Driftwood.

A local effort is currently underway to designate FM 150 West as The William B. Travis Trail to honor this great hero who died in the battle of the Alamo.

More Information on the petition

About Us


The location, natural beauty and character of Hays County have resulted in a significant increase in the population of Hays County, and this growth is projected to continue. We welcome new residents of Hays County, and we must accommodate this population increase. However, improvements made to date have eliminated features and sites that formed and were the character of Hays County.  This character of Hays County is not only our history but also our future. The beauty of Hays County has served to create a thriving wine industry, bed and breakfast/resorts, restaurants and active heritage-tourism trade that appreciates Hays County as it exists today.  The nature of Hays County may change, but segments must be preserved out of respect for our past, the heritage-tourism economic engine of today, and the benefit of future generations. 

What is DHCS?

Dark Sky Initiative

DHCS aligns the Driftwood/Onion Creek Valley with Dripping Springs regarding the International Dark Sky Initiative, because we believe it is critical in preserving the environmental natural history in the entire region.

Wimberley Valley, which encompasses the cities of Woodcreek and Wimberley, was also officially designated the third International Dark Sky Community in Texas in 2018 by the The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). 


More Information on the Initiative

Membership Levels (Annual Dues)

The Cicero Rufus Perry Rangers -- $25

The Ben Milam Colonists -- $50

The Thomas Martin Postmasters -- $100

The William J. Cannon Boosters -- $250

The Widow Freelove Woody Grantees -- $500

The Col. William B. Travis Heroes -- $1,000

You may mail us your annual dues or bring them to the meeting. Or pay by PayPal one time, or set up a monthly plan!

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Area Maps

Driftwood Core Area and Roads

 The Driftwood Core Area map is largely a combination of the Driftwood zip code and a proposed Appellation.

View the map

Driftwood Area of Influence

 The Driftwood Area of Influence map is largely delineated by the contributory zone of Onion Creek until it reaches the southeastern Hays County line. 

View the map

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