Historical Sites/Businesses Form

Take a look at our Interactive Map! I you'd like to add your historical site or business to the Interactive Map, download and print the form below.  Email the completed form to  mark.rutledge85@gmail com 

Driftwood Historical Site Designation Information (pdf)


Area Definition/Historical Designation Committee


The committee meets irregularly; see the Calendar for posted dates.

Role and Purpose of the Committee

The committee met numerous times over the past year focusing on three goals - 1) define the boundaries of the Driftwood Core and Driftwood Area of Influence, 2) develop a sign to denote entry points into the Driftwood Core Area and 3) Locate, photograph, describe and publish local historical sites. 

Historical Sites

The committee has gathered information on historical sites and loaded the stories and pictures onto the Interactive Storybook. Explore Driftwood! 

Link above to download and print the form developed to help gather more information to add to the Storybook. Email the form to mark.rutledge85@gmail com.

We will coordinate a meeting the Hays County Historian, Kate Johnson, to gather a baseline of known historical sites so they can be loaded to the storybook link.

Interactive Storybook

Driftwood Core Area and Driftwood Area of Influence

The Area Designation\Historical Committee has completed development of a Driftwood Core Area Map and a Driftwood Area of Influence Map.  The Driftwood Core Area Map is a compilation of the Driftwood zip code and the proposed Winery Appellation.  The outer portion of both of these areas defined the Driftwood Core Area.   

The Driftwood Area of Influence is defined by the headwaters and watershed that flows water to Onion Creek until it reaches RR 150 or the Hays County line.  Both of these maps are available on the What is Driftwood? page.

Find the maps

Welcome to Driftwood Sign

The committee has developed a sign which has been placed at six entry points to the Driftwood Core Area.  The sign announces entrance to Driftwood and encourages "Natural Sites and Starry Nights" to promote residents desire to retain as much of the natural beauty as possible as development occurs. 

Committee Members

David Braun, dbraun@braungresham.com
David & Jan Carlson, featherscountry@hughes.net
Randy Daugherty, randyjudy1968@sbcglobal.net
Jeff Eichelberger, jkeichelberger@hotmail.com
Kate Johnson, Katejhalifax@aol.com
Richard Kidd, rdkidd44@aol.com
Lila Knight, lilaknight@verizon.net
Denton Ragland, denton.ragland@gmail.com
Mark Rutledge, RAP Liaison, mark.rutledge85@gmail.com
Laura Tansey, lltansey@gmail.com