FM 150 character Plan

Map of FM 150 route

What is the Plan?

 Hays County is currently working to develop a Character Plan for FM  150 from Arroyo Ranch Road outside Kyle to RM 12 in Dripping Springs,  and a major component of this project is working with the local  communities, residents, and public that cherish this special area as  much as we do. 

The County is using the FM 150 West Character  Plan as an opportunity to plan ahead for the anticipated growth and  related transportation needs. This is a unique approach as so often  agencies wait until an improvement project is needed and then start  planning, leaving limited opportunities to think outside the box and  typically just expanding from the current footprint of the existing  roads.

DHCS Involvement

Driftwood community members have been involved in the project since 2015, with several board members serving on the Citizens' Advisory Panel.

More Information

Link to the FM 150 Character Plan website for further information and a history of the DHCS involvement in the project