Master Plan/Visioning Committee

Monthly meeting schedule is being reworked.

The next meeting of the committee is Tuesday, March 20, 6 pm at the Driftwood Community Center.

Purpose and Role of the Committee

The Committee is developing recommendations and guidelines in the form of a planning report that will be used to preserve, improve, inform and influence future development patterns consistent with the greater Driftwood community vision.  

Committee Members

Allison Allen, RAP Liaison,

Ray Beets,

Rick Brennes,

Susie Brennes,

David Braun,

Linda Brown,

Donna Burns,

Casey Cutler,

Jeff Eichelberger,

Venita Fuller,

Doug Harrison,

John Jones,

Robin Melanson,

Kasey Mock,

Mike Pruitt,

Mark Rutledge,

Roy Thornton,

Nancy Thornton,