In 1835 William B. Travis purchased a league of land from the Mexican Government. Travis was granted this purchase under Empresario Benjamin Rush “Ben” Milam’s effort to colonize central Texas land which included that which is now identified as being in Hays County. FM 150 West dissects this (4,428 acres) league of land approximately one mile south of Driftwood. 

Travis died as a hero in 1836 in the battle of the Alamo. The property was left to his 7 year old son, Charles Edward and 5 year old daughter, Susan Isabella. Ben Milam was killed in the siege of Bexar in 1835, also as an “indomitable” Texas hero.

A local effort is currently underway to designate FM 150 West as The William B. Travis Trail to honor this great hero who died in the battle of the Alamo.


245 electronic signatures have been collected! The signed petition will be presented to our state legislators this month for consideration in the 2019 legislative session. 

Statements of Support


Hays County Commissioners Court

Hays County Commissioners signed a statement of support on December 4, 2018.

Hays City Store

Restaurant owners Travis and Tamra Tindol submitted a letter of support December 4, 2018.

Driftwood Golf Club Development

Driftwood Golf Club Development submitted a letter of support December 10, 2018.