Residents' Advisory Panel


Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm in the Driftwood Community Center.

Positions are still open! If you're interested in serving on the RAP, contact the Chair:

Rick Brennes. Chair,  


Purpose and Role of the RAP:

The Residents Advisory Panel (“RAP”) was formed pursuant to the Bylaws of DHCS (see the full document below). Members of the RAP who have served in excess of one full year are eligible for nomination as a Board Member of DHCS. The powers and duties of the RAP are to:

a) Nominate and Vote on Directors/Officers as provided in the Bylaws. 

b) Vote on major decisions contemplated by the Board and provide the voting results and other input regarding such major decisions to the Board.

c) Gather information and input from members of DHCS and the Onion Creek Valley community regarding issues provided to the RAP by the Board.

d) Assist the Board by gathering input from members of DHCS and the Onion Creek Valley community to identify issues pertinent to DHCS.

e) Form “work groups” to perform tasks as directed by the Board.

f) Generally promote membership in DHCS and attendance at the general meetings of DHCS.

g) Serve as a liaison to the various representative groups involved and interested in the Onion Creek Valley, including without limitation residents, businesses, landowners and organizations. 

RAP Members

Rick Brennes, Chair
Allison Allen
Valerie Anderson

Ray Beets

David Connell
Venita Fuller
Doug Harrison

Robin Melanson
Kasey Mock