Defining the Area

What is the Driftwood Community?

Driftwood is a growing community southwest of Austin and southeast of Dripping Springs.  Landmarks include the Old Driftwood Store, many wineries and restaurants, several churches but especially treasured and dear, natural sights and starry nights.

As the area grows, the community is working together to educate developers on how much the community treasures its natural setting and dark skies.  We believe that the more developments adhere to covering lights, keeping natural buffers along roadways and keeping signs low and to a minimum, the more everyone will benefit.  Residents will maintain enjoyment of the natural beauties and developers will experience increased demand for their product.  We realize growth will occur but the more adherence to guidelines for keeping dark skies, natural sights and uncluttered roadways, the more everyone benefits.

To help answer the Driftwood question, the Area Definition and Historical Designation Committee was charged with defining the boundaries of Driftwood.   Members of this committee include:

  • Mark Rutledge (RAP Liaison)
  • Don Bosse
  • David Braun
  • David/Jan Carlson
  • Randy Daugherty
  • Jeff Eichelberger
  • Denton Ragland
  • Laura Tansey
  • Kate Johnson
  • Richard Kidd
  • Lila Knight

The committee met numerous times over the past year focusing on three goals - 1) define the boundaries of the Driftwood Core and Driftwood Area of Influence, 2) develop a sign to denote entry points into the Driftwood Core Area and 3) Locate, photograph, describe and publish local historical sites. 

The first goal has been completed having developed two maps defining the boundaries of the Driftwood Core and Driftwood Area of Influence.  This process took considerable time, discussion, drafts and votes to come to consensus on these boundaries.  

Driftwood Core Area and Roads

The Driftwood Core Area map is largely a combination of the Driftwood zip code and a proposed Appellation being developed by Don Bosse.  David Braun (Plateau Wildlife Management) donated considerable use of his staff and mapping technologies to develop the maps.

Driftwood Area of Influence

The Driftwood Area of Influence map is largely delineated by the contributory zone of Onion Creek until it reaches the southeastern Hays County line.  Once again David Braun's team contributed significantly to development of this map. 

The second goal--to develop a sign--included both the Area Definition Committee and several Board Members.   Seven 4' x 5' signs were designed and produced, with the first four being placed at Driftwood Core entry points.  These signs are being placed on private property with permission of the respective landowners.  

This level of participation illustrates the community's desire to preserve our dark skies and rural feel ("Starry Nights and Natural Sights").  

Having accomplished these two goals (save sign placements), the committee is turning its focus on historical designations.  Much information has already been assembled and recently a software program has been obtained that will create a web-based system to designate historical sites including latitude/longitude, photos, description and possible videos of historical sites and natural tours such as along Onion Creek. The committee plans to begin posting historical data on the site very soon.  This site will be linked to the DHCS website. 

We love Driftwood’s natural beauty and charm.  While we realize growth will occur we want to be the best stewards of this beautiful land.